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Lizzie Bannister blogs about the Cambridgeshire countryside. She is a Trustee and volunteer at the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Branch of CPRE.

In Lizzie's own words:

As an avid horse rider, I value the countryside for its support of my hobby and my lifestyle. This includes enjoyment in National Trust places, visits to places in England and local walks. I appreciate how a healthy countryside helps to sustain me in my life and the lives of other people.

I have lived in the Fenland countryside for half of my life, including living on a smallholding with animals, surrounded by a sea of arable land.

My master's degree in Conservation Management helps to inform my knowledge and understanding of issues and aspects of the countryside.

I am passionate about ensuring the health of both people and the countryside. I believe that preserving this link can secure a great future for us all.

For Peat’s Sake!

By Lizzie Bannister

Gordon's Mere, Woodwalton Fen NNR - - 163958.jpg

Gordon's Mere, Woodwalton Fen NNR - - 163958.jpg" by Terry McKenna is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

After many years of campaigning…