Better Ways for Busways! (BW4B!) petition

Better Ways for Busways! (BW4B!) petition

The BWB4 campaign group has launched a petition to save the South East Cambridgeshire countryside. The CSETS busway which is being proposed by the unelected Greater Cambridge Partnership will create a 5 mile-long road for buses through the countryside near Wandlebury. The busway would:

  • Build over the lower slopes of the Gog Magog Hills.
  • Destroy the habitat of Water Voles and concrete over the top of Hobson’s Brook chalk stream close to Ninewells Nature Reserve.
  • Bisect the River Granta twice, creating the need for two huge road bridges.
  • Ruin the tranquillity and countryside views for walkers using the popular Stapleford Farm Track and a new Country Park that is planned for the Gog Magog Hills.
  • Create parcels of land for future development and further loss of countryside.
  • Urbanise the countryside by creating road crossings and bus stops with traffic lights, signs, lighting and parking

There is an alternative that delivers similar transport benefits, without the damage to the countryside and at much lower cost to taxpayers.

This alternative is to create new sections of bus lane on the A1307 from Babraham to Hinton Way and a final bus road section from Hinton Way to reach the Biomedical Campus.

Our politicians will make a decision soon, whether to progress with the bus road through the countryside. Over 2,000 people have already signed the BW4B petition asking them to consider the alternative instead.

BW4B will be presenting the petition and asking the politicians to rethink. Please make your voice heard by clicking here to sign the petition:

For more information, visit the BW4B website