CPRE: weakening nutrient neutrality rules is damaging and regressive

National CPRE has commented on Michael Gove’s plans to scrap measures that ensure that water pollution from new builds is offset by developers.  Read more at

Rural Crime and “Greenways”

A report by NFU Mutual reveals that rural crime increased on average by 22% in 2022.  Cambridgeshire is the second-worst affected county in the UK, with data showing that the cost of rural crime has increased by 123%, from £936,420 in 2021 to £2,094,622 in 2022.  GPS equipment and all-terrain vehicles are particularly targeted by thieves.

CPRE Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is concerned…

BT’s move to digital voice technology and the effect on rural dwellers

BT is in the process of rolling out a new telephone system, which involves the old copper wire system being replaced by digital voice technology that connects via a router and uses the internet to make calls. BT hopes for this to be completed by December 2025.

Many organisations, such as Age UK, are concerned about the impact this will have on those living in rural areas where there is no…

Better Ways for Busways! (BW4B!) - update

On 23rd August the BWB4 campaign group is hosting a briefing session for Councillors and the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) on 23rd August with to explain their alternative proposal in detail.  A briefing note can be read here.

To read more about the campaign and BW4B’s alternative…

Building on our food security

CPRE Cambridgeshire and Peterborough continues to be concerned about the ever-present threat to our farmland.  The DEFRA national land classification map shows just what a high proportion of Grade 1 and Grade 2 agricultural land – the “best and most versatile” -   is in Cambridgeshire.  In fact, the East of England has more Grade 1 and Grade 2 land than any other region in England.

Read more | Aug 23, 2023