Who’s Who in the Oxford Cambridge Arc?

The OxCam Arc is a large multi-regional project with lots of bodies involved in its development. In this explainer, CPRE Bedfordshire delves into who’s who, decodes all those abbreviations and outlines the roles they play

CPRE’s reaction to spring 2023 budget

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has delivered the spring budget statement. With the UK far behind the curve on renewable energy, and rural communities once again sidelined, we’re concerned about what it means for the countryside.  To read more go to

Cambourne to Cambridge Busway

“busway” Guillaume Bonzoms

CPRE Cambridgeshire and Peterborough has strongly objected to an application made to Cambridgeshire County Council for their support to build an off-road busway between Cambourne and Cambridge. We’ve written to the Council outlining our objections.  You can read our full response

CPRE says Home Builder’s Federation’s housing slump claim is ‘fear mongering’

New building, West Cambridge Site by Hugh Venables

New building, West Cambridge Site by Hugh Venables

CPRE strongly disagrees with claims made by The Home Builder’s that changes to planning policy could lead to a huge slump in the number of homes built annually.…

Environment Agency Update on Drought in East Anglia

The latest Environment Agency Drought update briefing can be found here. Most of East Anglia area remains in drought despite receiving above or near average rainfall over the winter months. The Environment Agency’s data is showing that the river ecology is still showing signs of stress and…