South Cambridgeshire District Council is looking to encourage new markets and expand existing ones in South Cambridgeshire

It believes they can play an important role in promoting economic recovery and social cohesion coming out of the pandemic. Read more

Ouse Washes Middle Level Barrier Bank raising works – work starting 13 June 2022

The Middle Level Barrier Bank is the bank of the Ouse Washes reservoir extending from Earith to Welmore Lake Sluice. The work the Environment Agency is carrying out is to comply with recommendations made by the Reservoir Inspecting Engineer to complete the works under the Reservoirs Act 1975.

Investment needed for countryside next door to level up access to nature

National CPRE has published some research on how government funding for the restoration of nature and cultural heritage is distributed, looking at where the schemes to plant trees, improve soil health, boost biodiversity and restore historic parks and buildings are sited.

The results from Star Count 2022 suggests the night skies outlook in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is bright

Results of Star Count 2022

This year’s CPRE star count suggests that severe light pollution is continuing to fall since its 2020 peak. You can see here a map showing…

Planning to fail: CPRE finds government failing to map route to net zero

Planning to fail: CPRE finds government failing to map route to net zero. Read more here