Climate Change and Energy

Our goal is to avoid the damage to the countryside by encouraging a reduction in overall consumption and being more efficient with what we use.

CPRE Rooftop Revolution solar energy campaign

Three pigeons on a roof by Dunnock_D

"Three pigeons on a roof" by Dunnock_D is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

CPRE is running a campaign to urge the government to fully realise the potential of solar on rooftops. A major new CPRE report has found that over half the solar panels needed…

Ten ways that you and your local community can make a difference to climate change

Hearing about climate change can feel daunting – but CPRE has some ideas for small actions that countryside communities can take that can add up to a big difference.  Click here to…

Fracking Ban reinstated by new PM Rishi Sunak

Just 34 days after the moratorium was lifted by former PM Liz Truss, the ban on fracking has been reinstated by Rishi Sunak.

CPRE has long campaigned against fracking, and acted quickly to ensure that local voices were heard when the ban on fracking was lifted. Our petition campaign garnered the support of over 80,000 people, and sent a clear message to government: local communities didn’t…