Rethink Cambridge: CPRE, Anthony Browne MP and our response to the government’s housing plan

new building, west Cambridge site: Hugh Venables

new building, west Cambridge site: Hugh Venables

On Monday 24th July the government announced its long term housing plan.  CPRE Cambridgeshire and Peterborough has serious concerns about the government’s…

Better Ways for Busways! (BW4B!) petition

The BWB4 campaign group has launched a petition to save the South East Cambridgeshire countryside. The CSETS busway which is being proposed by the unelected Greater Cambridge Partnership will create a 5 mile-long road for buses through the countryside near Wandlebury. The busway would:

  • Build over the lower slopes of the Gog Magog Hills.
  • Destroy the habitat of Water Voles…

Our spring 2023 newsletter is here!

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In this issue:

  • We celebrate a local campaign win
  • We update you on the Ox-Cam Arc
  • Find out about the Rooftop Renewables campaign
  • Find out how to protect our precious green spaces


Risk of Wildfires in England and Wales raised to “Very High”

Burning grass and trees

Burning grass and trees by Stephen Mitchell

The Met Office fire severity index shows that the wildfire risk has been raised to 'very high' over much of England and parts of Wales, including Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

The current…

Big developers exploiting loophole to build on greenfield land

A new CPRE report shows how some big housing developers are still exploiting a loophole that enables them to appeal against refusal of planning permission, even in our most iconic landscapes.

CPRE is urgently calling for proposed changes to the planning rules that would stop this happening. The proposed change to the National Policy Planning Framework in last December’s consultation would…