Update on amendment voted through by House of Lords on national planning policy

In September 2023 we reported that the House of Lords had voted through an amendment that ensured both the public and parliament have a say on any new national planning policy created by the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill (LURB). This new type of national planning policy – National Development Management Policies (NDMPs) – has caused major concerns since its introduction.

We can now…

The future of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and implications for sea-level rise: AGM talk by Dr Rob Larter, British Antarctic Survey (BAS)

Thwaites Glacier by Felton Favis

Thwaites Glacier by Felton Davis

CPRE Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is grateful to Dr Rob Larter, BAS, for his interesting and thought-provoking talk given to the 2023 AGM.  Dr Larter spoke about his work at the BAS over many years. He spoke…

Agricultural Land Classification: we need to dig deeper to value our farmland

beautiful Fenland farming landscape

Beautiful Fenland farming landscape

CPRE Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is concerned that the Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) system gives developers a green light to build on land that is deemed to be of poorer quality.  But…

CPRE report shows that there are more Local Green Spaces, but deprived areas still lacking

Bar Hill Village Green and Hall

CPRE’s 2023 Local Green Spaces (LGS) report shows that there has been an increase in LGS designations, but deprived communities remain under-served.

LGSs were introduced in 2012 to give Green Belt-like protections to smaller areas of land that are often identified…

CPRE welcomes Labour’s net zero plans, but local democracy must be protected

CPRE welcomes Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves’ proposals to place net zero at the heart of the planning system, set clear national guidance on community consultation for developers, and increase planning capacity across Local Authorities.