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Turkeys & Other Seasonal Fare in Cambridgeshire


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With Christmas fast approaching, our contributor Lizzie Bannister has very kindly looked into where we can buy turkeys and other seasonal fare that have been raised with high welfare standards. We are committed to supporting local food providers and sellers, the #BackBritishFarming movement and the NFU’s #ProudtoProduce campaign that celebrates farmers’ roles in the light of the Agriculture Bill.

Believe it or not, there is a #BuyMyTurkey day (4th December) as part of the NFU Countryside’s campaigns.

Lizzie visited https://www.countrysideonline.co.uk/hobbies-and-leisure/food-and-cooking/turkey-finder-find-your-nearest-turkey-producer/ to create the list below:

 Bettys Farm


Birds are raised outdoors with great standards of living and fed quality feed with no growth enhancers and the farmers have full control over the whole process. Pigs are also raised with similar standards on this smallholding on the Ramsay Forty Foot. Online orders are being taken, but demand has been so high this year you need to ring Matt on 07786 032 105. https://twitter.com/piggingreat


 Southall's Turkeys

Southall's Butchers - https://www.southallbutchers.co.uk/

A family-run Bedfordshire farm and butchers in Great Barford with well raised animals including their lovingly grown turkey that are kept indoors and fed on home grown cereals. The Southall family have used only traditional farming methods for three generations.



Rutland Organics 


A Soil Association approved organic farm based in Rutland producing organic free range turkeys, chickens, cockerels, geese and eggs. They also produce venison and lamb and their own rare-breed pigs. All the birds and animals are slaughtered with minimal stress and are hand processed. 


Franklins of Thorncote 

Franklin's Farm Butchers - https://www.franklinsfarmbutchers.co.uk 

A small family farm business in Bedfordshire rearing free range Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Geese, Cattle, Sheep and Pigs. The owner John Franklin is the current Chairman of the British Goose Producers Association, and a Game Dealer.



Lizzie also found local farms with no websites:

Meremouth Farm, Peterborough Tel: 07742 682 901
MJ Kiddy & Son, Bedfordshire Tel: 01767 650 884
G Deller & Sons, Cambridgeshire Tel: 01223 833 334